Post-Processing Service


PPK, FastStatic, Controll Network processing including Network Adjustment using Trimble Business Office Center or Ashtech GNSS Solutions desktop software. There is no need to ivest in expensive desktop baseline processing software - let us do it for you. Call or email us for a quotation.



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We are the only Specialist in Professional & Consumer GPS/GNSS Solutions on the island of Ireland. Our experience and capabilities extend to a diverse range of GPS applications & services. GPS Ireland uses its high level of expertise to find the best solution for your needs, offering a wide variety of related services.



GPS Hire/Rental


Our reputation for prompt, capable and efficient support for all GPS equipment whilst on hire is well recognised throughout Ireland. We also provide user training for hire at our premises if necessary or desired.


GPS Training


Customised courses are available. We can quote for one-to-one or group bookings in a location that suits your organisation.