How to get your GIS data into your Garmin SatNav

if you need to use Irish Grid or ITM Coordinate Systems on a SatNav &  Link your GIS Data with it ...
we have a  SOLUTION !

Points with coordinate reference can be uploaded into a Garmin satnav as waypoints. Any waypoint can then be selected as a destination to navigate to. Also, waypoints can be used to create routes on devices which have route functionality.

If you work with GIS and have a desire to use your data on a Garmin satnav (or any Garmin device), your first step would be to export the data in a suitable format from your GIS system.

For linking GIS data with a Garmin GPS we recommend using Hangle software which was developed with this purpose in mind. Hangle allows import of CSV and other formats used in conjunction with GIS (DXF, SHP, MIF, TXT , …) in Irish Grid, ITM, Lat/Long and other coordinate systems.

Once the data is successfully imported it can be converted into a format suitable for Garmin devices.

Hangle can work with either Garmin's Mapsource or POI Loader products and it can also be used just as a data handling and conversion tool.

More information about Hangle software at  this link

The following explains how to get points and routes onto a Garmin satnav and how to use them in Irish Grid and ITM coordinates.