nüMaps Guarantee Program

Garmin also announced the availability of nüMaps Guarantee program which will assure that when customers start using their new Garmin, they will have free access to the latest version of road maps if such update is available within 90 days of the first use.

Customer will not qualify for the free map update if the unit is registered with Garmin by telephone or more than 90 days from the unit's first satellite acquisition.

The map nüMaps Guarantee is only applicable to preloaded maps for Europe and North America maps only.

To check if there is a free update available for your Garmin unit, register the unit at http://my.garmin.com within 90 days of the first use (this is based on the first time the unit has acquired satellites). If new map data is available anytime during that 90-day period, you can request and download the new data - free of charge - by following simple online prompts.

If you are eligible for a free map update, you will be given a specific number of days from the date you register your product to order the free map update.
If you do not order the free map update within the specified number of days of registering your product, you may purchase the map update.

You can read more about the nüMaps Guarantee program here.