Hangle V 1.08a

Hangle is a utility created by GPS Ireland to allow professional users of Garmin GPS 60 and GPS 72 get more from their Handheld GPS Receivers. Hangle will also import and export in multiple coordinate systems and formats and therefore can be very useful to GIS users too.

Download Data Sheet

Download Demo Version for Windows 2000, XP & Vista
Download Demo Version for Windows 7 - make sure to install Java 32 bit when installing on Windows 7

GIS, CAD, Google Earth, MapQuest Support 

Hangle will Import MIF, SHP, DXF, CSV, TXT and Garmin GPX data for upload to the GPS and will also export in these formats plus Google Earth, MapQuest and NMEA.

Capturing Lines & Areas 

Most Handheld GPS receivers do not support the capture of Lines (Polylines) or Areas (Polygons) in an accurate way. The most accurate way is to store waypoints on the receiver and convert them afterwards. Hangle allows easy conversion of Waypoints to Polylines and Polygons with a length and area calculation displayed once created.

Mini Data Dictionaries 

Use abbreviations in the field to indicate the start or end of features and to define feature names and attributes and Hangle will do the interpretation and conversion when data is downloaded. Just fill out the abbreviation table in Hangle to match what was used in the field.

Coordinates Systems 

Hangle will import and export in multiple coordinate systems and can be used just to convert between one and the other even if no GPS is being used. It handles the new Irish Grid System – ITM and has UTM, UKGrid, Irish Grid, Lat/Long, MGRS and Slovakian Grid.


You can purchase Hangle v 1.08 single licence for € 79 incl. VAT (Sept 2011)

This download is a demo version of Hangle which can be activated by contacting GPS Ireland at
+353 (0) 21 4832990 (9:00am - 5:30pm, Mon-Fri) or